Backyard deer feeder

by Mike
(Cumming, Ga)

The last video you are showing is mine (fishmlb).

It is made from 8 in aluminum tube. I cut some 90 degree brackets and mounted them on a 1/4 thick aluminum plate. I mounted the tubes about 1/2 above the plate. Corn can run out almost all the way around. Most people will not have access to the tubes. I wouldn't have if it hadn't been scrap from my work place. That tube is expensive. But you can do the same thing with PVC. I drilled 4 holes in the plate and drove tent stakes in the ground to keep if from turning over. This is set up behind our house in a subdivision in South Forsyth County. Had 10 does and 4 bucks out there last week. Stays busy.

Mike AKA: fishmlb

From the webmaster: Thank you for sharing the video and this added information!

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