Automatic Deer Feeder Facts

Automatic deer feeders should be able to provide measured, timed feedings as well as be able to utilize a renewable source of energy such as a solar charged battery in order to give the devices the opportunity to be placed in areas far enough away from your gardens to be effective. Each feeder should be watertight and have a UV inhibitor in order to prevent food spoilage.

Most automatic deer feeders will have a hopper in which the food will be stored, a timer and a plate that disperses the food over a large area of ground. This prevents fighting over food. Some devices replace the rotating food dispersal unit with a feeding tray that encourages deer to eat from the plate, preventing ground contamination of the food. One nice feature of some of the more expensive units is height adjustability. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that the deer in your area can utilize your feeder.

Filling the automatic deer feeder with different foodstuffs will also encourage the deer to utilize the feeder for fulfilling his or her nutritional requirements instead of your garden. Deer enjoy a variety of fresh vegetables, seeds, grains and molasses. Commercially prepared deer food can be purchased at any feed supply store or hunter’s supply outlet. Take care when using feed that contains molasses or fresh foodstuffs as the food can spoil more quickly than dried grains and seeds.

Place the automatic deer feeder in an open area at least 100 yards away from your vegetable gardens and flowerbeds. This prevents the deer from moving from the feeder to your garden. Also, you should place the feeder in locations where the deer tend to frequent. This will ensure they are aware of its existence. Fill the feeder, turn on the timer and simply leave it. Deer, by nature, are most active at dawn and at dusk. You may not see any activity at the feeder until later in the evening. Also, many deer may be cautious around the feeder until they realize that it doesn't represent a threat to them and become comfortable enough to eat around it.

Finding an automatic deer feeder that fits both your needs and your budget is a snap. For more information about building your own automatic deer feeder visit our page

Automatic deer feeders

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