Audible Deer Whistles Work!!!

by Bill Pereca
(Highland Lakes, NJ)

Deer Screamer

Deer Screamer

I have used all types of deer whistles myself, since the 1980's, and I never thought they

really worked, mostly because they were "ultra-sonic" thus they could not be heard,
thus you couldn't be sure wildlife could hear them either.
Since starting my business, over one year ago, my research found they in fact do Not work, for many reasons.

My product, "Deer Screamer", when mounting only ONE unit, on the front grill of any vehicle,
is wind activated at 35mph, and emits an Audible whistle or "Scream", that can be heard by humans and All wildlife,
up to 300+ yards down the road. As the vehicle speed increases, so does the volume of the whistle, up to 120+ mph.!!!
Because they are mounted in front of the radiator, the unit gets a direct/ clean line of air through, ensuring it's always
working, and because of the heat, it stays unclogged even winter/snow months.

Deer Screamer's have got only positive feed back and testimonials of deer reactions.
Most being that the deer and smaller wildlife freezes and looks at the vehicle as it passes.
I myself, have seen many animals react this way, mainly because of the "wildlife" whistle this unit
projects. But it can not be heard at all from inside the vehicle, even with windows open.
And the sound from a passing vehicle is not overwhelming to pedestrians.
This unit works very well on Motorcycles, when a person is Most venerable to wildlife collision.

check it out at

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May 12, 2016
These work Great!!
by: Anonymous

I have used these audible whistles,, and have seen them actually work,, Highly recommend!!!

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