Are You Nuts

by Are You Nuts
(Safe, MI)

Well, this holiday weekend brought yet another opportunity to give my deer whistles a chance to prove that they are a reliable source of safety. We were driving in northern MI late at night and of course we were driving slow in fear of hitting one of God's forrest creatures. After a couple hours, I suddenly spotted a large doe just starting to cross the highway in front of me. So I hit the brakes and came to a slow crawl. I was thankful I was going slow, but thought,"Hey Forrest Creature, did you not hear my whistles sounding full blast?" When she got to the other side of the road, she kind of glanced back at us as if to say, "Yo motor person, do I really have to tell you exactly what you can do with those whistles?" I thought for a moment and then I agreed with her. I figured, if I do that, maybe the dog will come when I break wind. My wife just looked at me like, ARE YOU NUTS?

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