Deer Deterrent Car Mounted Air Whistles

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Save-A-Deer whistle is a deer alert warning device that aids in accident prevention. Save-A-Deer whistle is the smallest single unit air-activated deer alert whistle sold today. When mounted on a car, truck, or motorcycle traveling at 35 mph or faster, the deer whistle makes a sound that alerts deer, moose and other large animal of the oncoming vehicle. Then hopefully the animals will then respond by freezing along the side of the road avoiding vehicle collision. You need to examine the deer whistle occasionally to be sure it is still mounted to the vehicle and that air holes are not blocked..
Less than one cubic inch in size, it can be hidden in the grill or under the bumper, it has a low profile,and is car wash safe.
Advertised as the only unit small enough to fit on motorcycles.

Deer Warning Whistle Air Activated

Deer Warning Whistles alert animals in the area you are driving. Provides safety for you and your passengers. Fits all trucks, motorcycles, cars and vans. Vehicle must be moving faster than 35 mph to operate. Easy removal for cleaning. Whistlers measure 2 inches long x 1.5 inches high

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