Air Velocity Deer Horns Do Not Work

by C Brooks

I worked for the State of Virginia and had to report to duty at 6am. Since I've had my car in 06 I bought a pair of these plastic deer avoidance devices and installed them as directed. I have hit two deer with these on the car, the first one in 2007 and the second in 2009. The first hit didn't do any damage, but flipped a small deer in the air and it died upon landing on a guardrail. That was in the daylight on the way home at approx. 60 mph. The second was on the same Highway in Jan 09. It did 3K damage to the car and was a direct hit in foggy conditions. I did manage to slow down to about 35 on impact. I'm lucky the airbag didn't deploy, body shop said an inch more to the center from the passenger side would have totaled the vehicle. Do the electronic ones work? I have no idea however if they also do not work expect another truth review. This area is infested with deer along highways.

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