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March 6, 2008 11:58 - Deer Ticks - Time to Watch for Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is more easily contracted in spring through summer when the tick population is its highest and when more people are outdoors in the ladnscape. In the past it was thought that ticks could be in the trees and then drop down on people. That isn't true. Ticks are in the grass and on shrubs then attach themselves when a host brushes by them. Ticks can not jump or fly, they only crawl. Deer ticks have several impressive methods for looking for hosts. These include monitoring carbon dioxide levels of victims, body heat, and other chemical indicators.

If you have deer in your landscape, follow the links to our deer resistant plants, homemade deer repellent recipes, deer repellent tips and general strategies for controling deer in your landscape. Fawn
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March 15, 2008 18:19 - Death by Antlers

I received these very sad pictures the other day. Three bucks had aparently got their antlers hung up and were unable to get them untangled. Another antler questions that has come up is why antlers seem to be different colors on some deer. Some antlers may be whiter and some browner. The color of the antlers can be influenced by the trees that the antlers have been rubbing on. It the bark is very dark on the trees, the antlers can look brown. Also the food the deer have been eating can influence antler color. Thankfully, this is a rare photo. Fawn

March 24, 2008 22:07 - Having Deer Is A Good Thing

Most of the time, deer and humans live in harmony.· 1. Deer are valuable big game animals that provide recreation, food and clothing . 2. Deer hunting contributes millions of dollars to the U. S . economy each year· 3. Deer are fun to watch 4. Deer are an important food source for predatory animals such as mountain lions and also for people. 5. Deer benefit their habitat, and our wild areas, by mowing pruning,and fertilizing,vegetation and aerating the soil. 6. Deer were here first. Fawn

March 24, 2008 22:18 - Deer Are Bad To Have Around

Living in conflict . . . 1. Auto-deer collisions cause millions of dollars worth of damage and loss of lives each year. 2. Deer like to eat many plants humans use for landscaping and can harm some endangered plant species by eating them. 3. Deer can cause damage to crops such as soybeans, alfalfa and wheat, vegetables and fruit. 4. Deer can be a safety hazard at airports. 5. Deer carry ticks that carry Lyme disease. They can also carry TB and several other diseases. Fawn

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