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January 8, 2008 22:43 - Deer Resistant Plants

There are several lists of "deer-resistant" plants on the internet. This site has many compiled lists from many states. Before deciding on which deer resistant plants to buy, you need to decide which list of plants to consult.
The first thing to consider is the state you live in. It must be state specific, or a compiled list.

Second, look for specifics. Just having one list and saying that deer avoid these plants isn't good enough. The plant lists should include 3 or 4 groups of feeding preferences (i.e. Rarely, Seldom,Occasionally, and Frequently Damaged).

Consider who is generating the list and what they have to gain. Was the list generated by the extension service or other government agency, or a site like this one that is generating information, or was it created by a business selling resistant plants. Just be careful which list you are consulting.

Look for lists that have plants grouped as trees, shrubs, bulbs, etc. unless you know your plants. While it is true that a shrub in one state could be a tree in another state, or an annual will be perennial in the deep South, it is still good to have an idea of what is being suggested. This will give you the information you need to look for the plants at a nursery or plan a landscape.
Fawn Ultimate site for deer management

January 27, 2008 20:35 - Electric Deer Fence

While it is winter and you have some time to get ready for spring, it is time to think about how you are going to keep those deer out of your garden. Do you need a fence? Whether or not you need a fence depends on several factors. How big is the area you need to enclose? How valuable, either in money or work hours (like a vegetable garden) is it. Does it have to be permenant or can it be temporary? Does it have to look good since it will be seen as part of your house, or are you way out in the woods where nobody will see it? Do you have children and pets that would prevent you have putting up an electric fence? Check out the main page about deer fencing and follow the links to more information before the leaves and the deer come back out. Ultimate site for deer management

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